I have just moved host and my old git setup was to have a working repo on 
the server and then clone that working repo locally. I also run Wordpress 
and when I upload files through Wordpress this would add files to the live 
hosting that I would not have locally. To get this locally I would have to 
SSH into the server and git add -A and commit them, I would then fetch them 


I have done some reading up about the best way to migrate git repo's to new 
servers as I'd like to keep my history, naturally.

I have read that the live server shouldn't have a working repo but a bare 
repo. That is fine by me, but then how do I SSH in and find the files ? The 
root on the server now contains foo.git and no files where as a working 
repo would contain a hidden .git and then foo.html, bar.html.

I'm confused as to why you shouldn't use a working repo on the server and 
if you are to use a bare repo, how does example.com/foo.html get found ?


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