Hello humans,

I have just a litte problem with my windows setup in my company, which is 
annoying enough to ask for help here.

I am using Git-1.9.4-preview20140815.exe and I am running my development 
environment (Console, Editor) 
with a user who I am not logged in into windows, but has Admin rights.
The user I am logged in has no admin rights on my machine.

OS is Windows7 SP1 64bit

Commandline Git just works fine with both accounts.
Git gui works fine when run under my first account.

*Commiting *with *Git Gui* is very slow when run under my *second admin 
account*. (almost 1 minute)
In the window there a messages displayed 
calling pre-commit-hook
calling commit-message-hook

When I am logged into windows with this account commiting with git gui work 
fine, too/
I have just deinstalled git and installed it while logged with my admin 
but the problem stays with me.

If anyone can help me with this,
I would be thankful


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