Hi there!

I've been looking for a method to check whether one commit is reachable 
from another via first-parent traverse (without traversing tree manually) 
and I've stumbled into strange git rev-parse behavior.

Imagine following git tree:
    \         /
In this tree commit B is the first parent of C.

1. How do I check whether B or E are reachable from C by first parent?
*git rev-list --first-parent B..C *and *git rev-list --first-parent E..C* 
both return SHA of C

2. The issue I'm reporting is that *git rev-list --first-parent 
--ancestry-path* seems to behave wrong:
*git rev-list --first-parent --ancestry-path E..C* returns SHA of C, while 
(according to *man git rev-parse)* "--ancestry-path" should restrict 
command output to commits being both descendants of E and ancestors of C.
*git rev-list --first-parent --ancestry-path E^..C* returns zero commits 
which is correct.

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