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> I want to prevent developers from pushing build related files to the 
> central server. Sometimes, the developers accidentally make changes
> to some the build script and push it to the central server which
> makes the build to fail.
> So I want to stop the developers from either committing or pushing
> the build related files.I have a bunch of build related files in
> different directories.

In addition to what Pierre-François suggested, you might consider
creating an update hook in your build server's repository [1] which
would check the commits pushed to it and rejecting them if it finds any
of the build script files appears in any of these commits.

Writing such a hook script requires knowledge of Git's plumbing commands
but it's definitely doable.

The basic idea is that an update hook's script is passed several
parameters which are: the name of the reference (branch, most
typically) to be updated, SHA-1 names of the commit at which the
reference is currently pointing and the commit it would point at should
the update suceed.  So you get the list of SHA-1 names of all the
commits sent to update that reference calling

  git rev-list $new_commit ^$old_commit

You then inspect each of them by calling

  git ls-tree --name-only -r $commit

which returns a list of all the files contained in the commit,
and try to spot offending files in this list.

If any is found, exit the script returning a non-zero exit code to
prevent that reference from updating, otherwise exit with a zero exit

An example shell script (untested):

set -eu



git rev-list "$new" ^"$old" |
  while read c; do
    git ls-tree --name-only -r "$c" |
      grep -q -F -f "$buildscripts" && exit 1
exit 0

The file named "buildscripts" located in the repository's root
directory should contain names of your build scripts, relative
to the project's root, like this:


and so on.

1. http://git-scm.com/book/en/Customizing-Git-Git-Hooks#Server-Side-Hooks

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