Hi All,

I would like to make a git configuration for my students.

There are more courses for a students and all student has only one personal 
The course repositories are read only for students and sometimes changed, 
 all students can download changes to their local
I have to use http protocol(apache+DAV), because there are labors behind a 
proxy :(

for example there are 2 courses: prog1 and prog2 and an example student 
name is student
My idea is that:
- every students has a local repository with  a branch for every courses 
- the read-only course repositories has a remote url in local repository 
- the local repository has a remote repository for personal remote 
repository (origin).
- each course branches uploaded to personal repository (origin:prog1, 


git clone http://server/student.git       # empty git repository made by me 
on server
cd student
git remote add prog1 http://server/prog1.git
git remote add prog2 http://server/prog2.git

git checkout -b prog1
git pull prog1 prog1
git push origin prog1:prog1

git checkout -b prog2
rm -rf *                                                # remove prog1 
files from stage
git pull prog2 prog2                         <---------- error: fatal: 
Couldn't find remote ref prog2
git commit -am "create prog2"
git push origin prog2:prog2

I don't understand this error, because  git remote -v say:

prog1 http://server/prog1.git (fetch)
prog1 http://server/prog1.git (push)
origin  http://server/student.git (fetch)
origin  http://server/student.git (push)
prog2   http://server/prog2.git (fetch)
prog2   http://server/prog2.git (push)

so prog2 is exists!

Did I made a mistake?

thx a lot

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