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Alcolo Alcolo <alcol...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Because I want to handle a lot of projects with there own life cycle:
> I project to use git submodules.
> Each projects/submodules have very a similar contents: then a lot of
> git objects are identical between submodules.
> I can see duplications with:
> find .git/modules/ -type d -name objects | while read D; do (cd "$D";
> find . -type f); done | sort | uniq -d -c
> There is a way to merge submodules object directories ?
> I think about a mecanism like git clone --shared.

`git submodule` supports the "--reference <repo>" command-line option
which does the same --shared and --reference do for `git clone`,
so yes, what you want appears to be doable.

Setting up alternatives is also supposedly doable with submodules
after they are brought in, though manually [1].

Make sure you have read carefully the section on --shared in the
`git clone` manual page.

Note that `git clone` supports another way of sharing, which is less
fragile but has a restriction that both source and resulting
repositories must reside on the same filesystem: if you use a bare
pathname (w/o the "file://" URI scheme) when cloning, Git hardlinks
as much as possible instead of transferring objects and later ensures
to properly use write()+rename() to not clobber files with multiple
references.  Supposedly this also works for submodules but the same
restriction applies: their source repos must be on the same filesystem
as destination and bare pathnames must be used as URIs.


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