# ferreroser...@gmail.com / 2014-10-07 07:17:23 -0700:
> I typed the following on Git Bash:
> git config --system mergetool.<merge_tool_name>.cmd '"<merge_tool_path>" 
> -base "$BASE" -local "$LOCAL" -remote "$REMOTE" -merged "$MERGED"'

> git mergetool -t <merge_tool_name> <model_name>.mdl

> This command properly launches the GUI of the merge tool, however it 
> indicates that provided file names are invalid. They are of the form: 
> <model_name>.mdl.<revision>.#.mdl, where <revision> is either LOCAL, REMOTE 
> or BASE and # is a number. 
> The merge tool needs to open the model in MATLAB and MATLAB does not allow 
> opening models with '.' in their names. 
> Thus, do any of you know whether there is a way to configure Git so that 
> temporary models are of the form <model_name>_mdl_<revision>_#.mdl instead 
> of <model_name>.mdl.<revision>.#.mdl?
> Other temp file name should also be ok as long as the file does not 
> contains dots in the part that corresponds to the file name.

what about wrapping the actual mergetool in a short shell script?
you already have a sh(1) after all:

% git config --system mergetool.simulink.cmd \
  'mywrapper "$BASE" "$LOCAL" "$REMOTE" "$MERGED"'

% cat > mywrapper <<'EOF'
set -eu



wc=$(mktemp -d "$TMPDIR/$s-XXXXX")
trap "rm -rf '$wc'" INT TERM EXIT
ln -s "$b" "$wc/base.mdl"
ln -s "$l" "$wc/local.mdl"
ln -s "$r" "$wc/remote.mdl"
ln -s "$m" "$wc/merged.mdl"

$tool \
  -base "$wc/base.mdl" \
  -local "$wc/local.mdl" \
  -remote "$wc/remote.mdl" \
  -merged "$wc/merged.mdl"'


depending on details of your mergetool's operation you may need to
add `cp "$wc/merged.mdl" "$m"` at the end of the wrapper.


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