On Thursday, 9 October 2014 00:23:09 UTC+2, Glen Gunselman wrote:
> Maybe I misunderstand the git diff output.  I assumed that:
> -Subproject commit c6c0001dd54e469da53c8cff8172a95e79073f29
> +Subproject commit efb41cc37882fb3e4196207a63ea844a6e69ac77-dirty
> was saying that commit c6c0001 had been replaced by commit efb41cc but 
> when I search for efb41cc nothing is found.

Yeah, that's what it means (plus the -dirty at the end which indicates that 
supplementary modifications have been made). You might just need to do a 
git-fetch into your submodule to get the new submodule commits from the 

When I look for c6c0001 I find:
> $git log -2000 -p --submodule=log --graph | grep -n c6c0001
> 79405:| | Submodule modules/accountsreceivable_validation_common.git 
> 197f018...c6c0001 (commits not present)
> $git log -2000 -p --submodule=log --graph | grep -n efb41cc
> $
> I assume the "(commits not present)" is saying that neither commit was 
> "present" when the change was made.
About finding who updated the submodules, grepping the output of git-log 
removes the piece of information you're looking for: the author of the 
commit. You can either run the same git-log command without the grep part 
and search for the string "c6c0001" inside a pager, or you can filter 
git-log's output using path limitation to show only commits affecting the 
submodules you want to inspect:

# Show only commits affecting ui_ss.git and student_catalog.git submodules
$ git log -p --submodule -- modules/ui_ss.git modules/student_catalog.git

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