> From: Alcolo Alcolo <alcol...@gmail.com>

> Because C can be a base commit of branches and merges, then it's a 
> nightmare to rebase.
> I know that scripts exists to rebase merges (based on git-rev-list, 
> git-cat-file, git-hash-object/git-commit-tree), but those scripts redo the 
> git-filter-branch job.

Actually, git-filter-branch is "based on git-rev-list etc."

The purpose of git-filter-branch, though, is to be able to apply a
complicated transformation to every commit in the branch, usually the
uniform removal of particular paths from the file tree.  What you seem
to be wanting to do is modify a commit (although I'm not clear whether
you simply want to change the meta-data or whether you want to also
change the file content), and then have that propagated through all of
the descendant commits (at least in their hashes, and possibly in
their file content).  That job isn't really the purpose of
git-filter-branch, because in what you want, the changes to the
descendant commits are only due to propagatation from the changes in

But why are you, of all people, asking about this?  You've used
git-rebase--merge-safe, which does this sort of task.  You've even
*improved* it.


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