By working on different projets, I had to use either Git or Mercurial.

When using Git, one thing that I miss from Mercurial is 'hg serve': a 
simple command which runs a small HTTP server. The web interface lets the 
user navigate in the history and tree of each revision. You may also clone 
or pull from this server. Thus sharing code over several computers without 
any central server is easy.

I know 'git instaweb' and 'git daemon' but I didn't find this as convenient.

Moreover I wasn't satisfied with the GUIs available on Linux.

That's why I started coding 'git-webui' ( The server is coded with Python 
and basically only transforms git command outputs in an HTTP response. The 
complete interface is coded in Javascript and built in the browser.

In addition to history/tree navigation, the interface allows you to prepare 
your commits by reviewing diffs, staging/unstaging files, hunks and lines

Simple usage example:

$ cd my_git_clone

$ git webui

The code is available on GitHub:

Some screenshots:

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