On Thursday, October 23, 2014, Paul Whipp wrote:
> I had a real case of this happening and causing confusion. Not sure it if 
> is a bug. This is using git 1.9.1.
> In short, if you checkout a repo where a file staged for deletion has 
> already been deleted, the staged deletion disappears permanently. When you 
> return to the branch where you made the deletion, it is as if the change 
> has been commited. Here is the simplest repo I could come up with:

I liked that you provided steps that could reproduce the behavior. I went 
through the steps myself, and saw what you did: after the last 'git 
checkout master'
command, I typed 'git status', and it reported "nothing to commit." 
However, I checked
the working directory and observed that foo was still present! Is this what 

I do agree that the staged deletion disappeared completely, but I do not 
think that it 
was committed, because for me, foo is still in the working directory.

I don't know whether this is a bug, but I do feel funny that my staged 
delete isn't present. I 
do also report that I was using Git 2.1.1, built from the source. This 
feels like a corner case,
and it may be worth sending a note to the Git mailing list 

Good luck!

Rick Umali / Author: "Learn Git in a Month of Lunches" / 

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