I will try my best to explain the scenario

Root folder has 7 projects, from what I have read about GIT, it will create 
a snapshot of the 7 projects each time there is a revision.

the way our projects work is that we create a deployable archive file. At 
this point this archive file is not configured. We then have a config prop 
file that has environment related information.
Then archive file is modified based on the env detail and then deployed to 
DEV, QA, PROD etc., Our tooling has a capability to put a version number on 
the archive so we can co-relate it to the 
original version.

Now my question is if the project version is

then I can put this in the archive version so I can see it on the 
runtime but I also want to be able to correlate the version of the config 
file. The config file has Dev, QA, QA perf, PRD

Now when I deploy I want to be able to deploy with (1.2 being 
the version of Dev config file) something like this.

Am I completely off track? Not sure how to individual keep track of the 4 
config files in the config project folder so that I can deploy dev changes 
separately with dev version number, QA with QA number etc.,

I hope I haven't confused to you all but figuring this out would greatly 
help make progress with GIT. Thanks in advance.

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