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> Hi everyone,
> I am new to Git so this may be a basic question, but my supervisor
> uploaded a folder filled with files and scripts to a server for my
> partner and I to work. I would like to use Git to be able to
> collaborate together. Is there a way that I can make that folder
> uploaded by my supervisor a remote repository so that my partner and
> I can pull code from it or clone that repository as well as update
> the programs in that folder as well? I feel like I could make that
> folder a repository and clone it, but I read that you should make
> shared repositories bare. I tried making a bare repository and then
> adding the files from the folder to it, but this did not work. Any
> help would be greatly appreciated.

You'd have to

1. Create a shared, bare git repo.
2. Clone it to a local repo.
3. Add and commit the files locally.
4. Push the changes to the shared repo.

I'm sure there are numerous git tutorials that explain this is more


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