I'm trying to set up my first own git server. 

*What I have done so far:*

   - [Server/Debian] 
      - installed git
      - added user "git"
      - generated key pair
      - installed gitolite (setup with the generated public key)
      - added a new folder to the repositories folder and initialized a 
      repo in there
   - [Client/Win]
      - TortoiseGit was already installed (and is working with local and 
      github repositories)
      - Generated a putty key (ppk) from the private key (generated on 
      server earlier)
*The problem(s):*

   - I could not manage to clone the repository I added on the server. the 
   error message (urls changed)
   git.exe clone --progress -v "git@ my.url.com:myrepo" "C:\..." Cloning 
   into 'C:\...'... FATAL: R any myrepo git_rsa DENIED by fallthru (or you 
   mis-spelled the reponame) fatal: Could not read from remote repository. 
   Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository 
   exists. git did not exit cleanly (exit code 128) (1794 ms @ 04.11.2014 

   - I CAN clone the gitolite-admin repository. Also when I uncheck the 
   checkbox to load the putty key!!!

Please. If anyone knows what I can try next. Every help is very much 
appreciated. Sorry if I forgot any important information. Please tell me 
what else you need to know to be able to help. Andy

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