On Friday, 31 October 2014 10:03:11 UTC+1, wkevin wrote:
> After doing "git pull" and getting merge patches, and then trying 
> to add my changes, prepare a patch, commit it and run "git-review -f 
> master" (I am 
> working with gerrit), I am getting this message: 
> git-review --dry-run -f master 
> You have more than one commit that you are about to submit. 
> The outstanding commits are: 
> 995f903 (HEAD, remove_my_module_parameter) test 
> 0869068 (master) Merge branch 'master' of ssh://zzz.xxx.com:29418/devbranch 
> 733edbc <http://zzz.xxx.com:29418/devbranch733edbc> add 
> remove_my_module_parameter in my module 
> Is this really what you meant to do? 
> Type 'yes' to confirm: 
> Why am I getting "You have more than one commit that you are about to 
> submit." ? 
> Is there a way to avoid it ? 
> Regards, 
> Kevin 

This sounds like a gerrit-specific issue rather than a git one to me. You 
may want to ask this question on the appropriate gerrit groups / forums / 
channels instead, they will likely be more able to help about your issue.

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