From: "Rodrigo Narvaez Leuridan" <>
Hi, I was looking around the documentation trying to find for what and how
does git uses my email address, and how it can be helpful for me this

I am reading the git documentation, for setup is recommendable to set a, I know that this email is used as part of the description of the committer but, is there another use for the email? May I be able to send notifications or make my own emailList by Git? Maybe it will be better not
to set this email configuration?

The real key feature about an email address is that it must be globally unique (on the internet). Hence it is a unique identifier for the author of a commit, and likewise for the person responsible for committing it to the repository (often different in heirachical systems with patch based work flows).

Thus "John Doe <>" isn't just any old John Doe.

There is a .mailmap facility to allow for mapping old email address to new email addresses as well.


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