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  Hi GIT community,

  What is manifest file? what does it contain? what is it use? 
  is it same as .plf file in perforce?


That may depend on the context in which the name "manifest file" was used. 
Where was the term used?

It is most likely a way to describe the "Index" / "Staging area", which is a 
facility that is fairly special to GIT (relative to most other version control 

In particular, Git does not commit individual files, rather it commits your 
view of the whole project, and you construct theat view by adding files to the 
index/staging area, and this is similar to the way that when loading a ship, 
the cargo is listed on a 'manifest'. 

You will see (if you look) lots of discussion about what is the correct 
terminology for this step in the process - and no one can agree, hence the wide 
use of analogous terms. 

[For the computer geek, the situation is further confused because computers can 
duplicate file content perfectly with ease, so Git will add any file you 
'stage' to your local repository as soon as you mention it, even if you later 
unstage it before doing your commit, thus the index is actually a [manifest] 
list, rather than the content itself - All these levels of abstraction become 
quite confusing!]


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