Well, two things here.

First, is how to get your repo to the server.
You can either fetch (clone) it from another machine
or initialize an empty repo and then push to it
from another machine.
For the first method, you have to have network
connection on the server, and the machine
holding the source repo should be enabled for transfer
(usually this means SSH). You have told us exactly
zero information about your setup so it's hard to
give more detailed suggestions.
Possibly the easiest is to clone a replica held on
Github then set up something to provide pushing
on the server (SSH may be) and push directly from your dev box.

Second is the what to do with the data which is already
on the server.
If it has any local modifications to your HEAD on the
Dec box, you'll want to copy the changed files over
into the server's repository's work tree and record
a commit.

You should definitely read a book on Got to get the
idea of how network-connected repos communicate.

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