> From: Thanakorn Sathitwitayakul <thanakorn.in...@gmail.com>
> I just install git-1.9.4-preview20140929 on my notebook pc, window 7 64 bit 
> system. When I run git for the first time I got error message;
> sh.exe: /dev/null No such file or directory
> When I input some command in git, it run not thing but 
> fatal error: 
> sh.exe: /dev/null No such file or directory
> I do remove git and reinstall in every possible way, choose different 
> option for different attempt, for many time. Then I did google for the 
> solution to the issue that involve sh.exe or /dev/null on the same os 
> environment. I shut down antivirus before install git. I did install git in 
> safe mode. And all of these doesn't fix the problems.
> I appreciate any help

Have you checked to see that /dev/null exists on your system?

My understanding is that you can only run Git in a Unix-like
environment.  It appears that whatever provides the Unix-like
environment on your Windows 7 system is not providing /dev/null.


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