Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I have some special task which is definitely out of everyday git practices 
scope. Please let me know if its possible to accomplish this with some 

I have two branches of development of a single product. These two branches 
diverged long ago. Now its time to merge them. The idea is to merge them 
without losing functionality. This means I dont want merge them simply by 
selecting most up-to-date version, I want BOTH versions to be present in 
case there are some difference between the files. 

I.e. if some file differs in two branches - I want to raise a conflict to 
merge it manually. Note, that if file to merge has different versions in 
braches to merge - this does not necessarily forces Git will to raise a 
conflict. It will do it ONLY if there were conflicting changes after the 
branch separation point. This may not be my case all the time. For example, 
in this situation Git will do merge without a conflict, and I will just 
lose the branch A functionality in the lines 34 and 67. But I want to 
preserve ALL functionality from both branches:

[no changes here] branch A 
------------------------------------------------------ | |(merge it with 
branch B) branch B-------modify line 34-----remove line 67------

*expected git result after merge*: modified line 34 and removedline 67
*result I want:* raise a conflict or add both versions of line 34 and 67 
into the result.

The only way I may gues is just delte my project from its folder, commit 
it, then add and commit again. This will make all the files 'new' and two 
branches diverged and Git will raise conflicts in case the files do not 
coincide. But itis a bit odd way.

Any suggestions?

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