I moved the .git directory with the argument "--separate-git-dir" and 
since my lines in the .gitignore are no longer taken into account in order 
to "git clone".

   In the "info/exclude" file I do not have my lines ".gitignore"

     @ ace-ace ctx $ more ~/RDS/010.git/info/exclude
     # Git ls-files --others --exclude-from=.git/info/exclude
     # Lines That start with '#' are comments.
     # For a project in C Mostly, The Following Would Be a good set of
     # Exclude patterns (uncomment 'em if you want to use' em):
     # *. [Oa]
     # * ~
     @ ace-ace ctx $ more ~/RDS/010.git/.gitignore
     * ~

   Can you help me?

   Process used:
   1- Creation of deposit (made with the user "ace")
     1- cd /home/ace/RDS/010
     2 git init --separate-git-dir=/home/ace/RDS/010.git
     3 echo "*%" >> /home/ace/RDS/010.git/.gitignore
     4 echo "* ~" >> /home/ace/RDS/010.git/.gitignore
     5 echo "chn/" >> /home/ace/RDS/010.git/.gitignore
     6- git add.
     7- git commit -m "$ date: initialization"
     8- git clone --bare --shared /home/ace/RDS/010.git 

   2 Use by developers (eg with the user "Arno"):
     1- cd /home/arno
     2- git clone ssh: //ace@localhost//home/ace/depotGIT/RDS010.git -> 
first time
     3- cd /home/ace/RDS010 + git pull ssh: 
//ace@localhost//home/ace/depotGIT/RDS010.git -> next  time

Sorry for my English, I'm French ... Thanks Google translate

kind regards,

Original message :


  J'ai déplacé le répertoire .git avec l'argument "--separate-git-dir" et 
depuis mes lignes dans le .gitignore ne sont plus prises en compte lors de 
la commande de "git clone".

  Dans le fichier "info/exclude" je n'ai pas mes lignes du ".gitignore" :

    ace@ace-ctx$ more ~/RDS/010.git/info/exclude
    # git ls-files --others --exclude-from=.git/info/exclude
    # Lines that start with '#' are comments.
    # For a project mostly in C, the following would be a good set of
    # exclude patterns (uncomment them if you want to use them):
    # *.[oa]
    # *~
    ace@ace-ctx$ more ~/RDS/010.git/.gitignore

  Pouvez-vous m'aider ?

  Processus utilisé :
  1- Création du dépôt (effectué avec l'utilisateur "ace") :
    1- cd /home/ace/RDS/010
    2- git init --separate-git-dir=/home/ace/RDS/010.git
    3- echo "*%" >> /home/ace/RDS/010.git/.gitignore
    4- echo "*~" >> /home/ace/RDS/010.git/.gitignore
    5- echo "chn/" >> /home/ace/RDS/010.git/.gitignore
    6- git add .
    7- git commit -m "$date : initialisation"
    8- git clone --bare --shared /home/ace/RDS/010.git 

  2- Utilisation par les développeurs (exemple avec l'utilisateur "arno') :
    1- cd /home/arno
    2- git clone ssh://ace@localhost//home/ace/depotGIT/RDS010.git pour la 
première fois
    3- cd /home/ace/RDS010 + git pull 
ssh://ace@localhost//home/ace/depotGIT/RDS010.git pour les fois suivantes

Désolé pour mon anglais, je suis français... Merci Google translate


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