I have  a web site that has content managed with a hosted CMS, with it's 
own version history. Content from this system is ftpd to our web directory 
after publishing. I have content that I've developed using git for version 
control. I need to come up with a good solution to integrate this content 
with the CMS content.


CMS owns content in a folder in the web root:



I have an application that needs to be deployed into cms-controlled-folder.


There will be multiple points under the web root where my application code 
needs to be deployed. I have all of this code in a git repo. I'm looking 
for a good way to deploy my application code into the web root without 
causing any issues for content coming from the hosted CMS. The easier it is 
to deploy the git controlled code the better.

I've tried a solution with a bare repository and a post-receive hook that 
does a checkout -f on my public web root, like this:

GIT_WORK_TREE=/path/to/public-web-folder git checkout -f 

This solution will move the folders across but it won't keep the public 
folders clean (i.e. nothing is ever deleted automatically). 

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