I've got 2 DNN Servers (Test and Production)  and I would like to use git 
to manage the files on this server :

First I wan't to check that all files of these 2 servers are identical 
(They should be but I know it they are not)
Then, after correcting files so the 2 servers are identical, I would like 
to push the modifications I make
on my test server to my production server when my tests are ok.

How can I proceed these 2 steps with git ?

Do I have to  install git on each server or can I use git on my PC with 2 
distant folders ?
Can I create 2 branches (test and production) each one pointing to a 
different distant folder ?
How do I compare the 2 servers and then push one toward the other (with 
checking the differences between them)

Any help will be appreciated.

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