Okay, I've got a basic *working* directory that I want to use for all of my 
git projects: c:\SourceCode\git_work

Under c:\SourceCode\git_work, I have the following directories:

+ library_code          # general-reference library code that is used by 
other projects
+ winagrams            # project which will access library_code via 
subtree, when I learn how
+ wfontlist                # project which will access library_code via 
subtree, when I learn how
+ ndir                      # project which will *not* access library_code
+ files                      # other single-file functions which will *not* 
access library_code

What is the correct way to build all of this structure??
I initially ran "git init" only in the c:\SourceCode\git_work, then used 
"git add ." and "git commit" in each of the subdirectories, to create the 
However, many of the online "newbie" references that I have looked at, 
appear to run "git init" in each subdirectory...  That seems a little odd 
to me; using the terminology that I've seen, it seems like each project 
would be a separate "repository", but I actually want one repository that 
contains *all* of my projects... am I mis-understanding exactly what 
"repository" means??

I've been using Subverson for years, but I'm new to git... that is probably 
causing some confusion for me.
I would be grateful for *any* clarification that I could get here!!!


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