I'm trying to make a slice of a very large repo, discarding old history.

I'm doing this which I figure should take me back enough time.
git clone --depth 9320 --no-single-branch ssh://URL

But then the resulting repo has the entire history. Neither the whole 
history, nor the master branch history have been truncated to 9,320 
changesets. It's as if the --depth parameter is being ignored.

 $ > git log --oneline --all | wc -l
 $> git log master --oneline | wc -l

 $ > git --version
git version 2.1.3

Am I doing something wrong, or misunderstanding something?


As a follow-up question, what I *really* want to do is to split a repo up, 
with the newer history in one part and the older history in the other. 
Ideally, I would pick a changeset and it and all its descendants would be 
in the newer part and its ancestors (and their descendants) would be in the 
other part. This strikes me as a better, more branch-aware way of splitting 
up a repo. 


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