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  Yes, of course you can.But.. there needs not be a "server" with Git. Once you 
have a git client, you're good.

  To share the code base with others however, there are many options. 
  Have a look at the basic ways: 

  Some of them:

    a.. host the plain (and usualy "bare") repository (considered "master" 
copy) on a network share. Works for small teams only.
    b.. similar, but with SSH and / or https access on your server

    c.. host via git protocol on a server; won't give you options for access 
control though (the repo is public for everyone who has access).
    d.. use a specialized Git manager service to host your repositories. This 
is a very common option, as it gives you extra functionalities.Search with your 
favorite browser for "git manager", "gitlab", "gerrit", "atlassian stash". Some 
are free, some are not.Gitlab for instance is very similar to Github, yet can 
be installed inside of your network. Gerrit is mainly a code review tool, but 
does well as git manager, too.
  Have fun with Git ;-)

For the quick start / initial practice, you can even have a non-bare repo 
initialised on your file system. Just check out some ridiciculous branch name 
there (e.g. do#not@use#me or whatever), so that the normal pushes don't 

I used this technique on my initial playing so I could have the project file 
share act as a back up and then make it show what I wanted on that branch, 
while those (on windows) who hadn't noticed the hiden .git directory were none 
the wiser ;-) It greatly helped my code development in Matlab ('agile' suck it 
& see style ;-)

+1: Have fun with Git ;-)

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