While working on Branch A, a fire erupted in the office that required 
extinguishing. I did not yet want to commit my changes. I had added 2 new 
files, and altered 7. None of the changes were staged. I wanted to 
temporarily stash my changes, and used 'git stash -a'. What I'd really 
wanted was the -u switch, but erroneously used -a. My entire project was 
stashed and my branch was, as expected, restored to the last commit.

I switched to Branch B, did some work, and committed it.

I then switched back to Branch A, and called 'git stash pop'. Many 
repetitive lines scrolled by reading "[filename] already exists, no 
checkout", and then finalizing with the message "Could not restore 
untracked files from stash". Examination of my branch showed that the 2 
untracked files HAD been restored, but the 7 altered ones had not. 'git 
status' shows 2 untracked files, and no other changes. Because I'd stashed 
the entire project, there are roughly 1500 files being compared, so I don't 
know what the result of the comparison with the 7 altered files shows... it 
scrolls off the buffer.

'git stash list' shows that there is still an entry in the stash: 
"stash@{0}: WIP on Branch A: ffef125 [last commit message]"

'git stash show' does indeed show my 7 changed files in the stash, but when 
I 'git stash pop', those files are not restored, and the entry remains in 
the stash (which is not consistent with my expectations for pop)

I also attempted to reset the branch with 'git reset --hard' and THEN apply 
the stash, but I got the same results... untracked files were restored, 
while tracked files were not.

I'd wondered if there'd been some kind of merge conflict with the 7 altered 
files, but there are no conflict resolution markers in any of them.

Why can I not restore my 7 altered files, and what's the workaround? And on 
a side note, why does git say that it could not restore the untracked 
files, when in fact those are the things that WERE restored?

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