I have a git repo with a couple of branches. The commit tree looks like 

|          |
|          |----------*feature

So I created a qa branch from master, had some commits to master and to qa, 
then created a feature branch from master.

Now I would like to merge the feature branch into qa. When i checkout qa 
and run `git merge feature --no-commit` I see that it's trying to merge the 
commits to master that occurred after qa was checked out. While this is 
technically ok because qa needs to be updated from master, I feel like this 
isnt the right process. Should I rebase or qa before merging the feature 
branch? No branches have been created from the qa branch so I know I wont 
break the repo if I rebase. Merging master and then merging feature seem 
like it wouldn't be any different than just merging feature. Is that 

Any suggestions on the matter would be appreciated.

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