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> I downloaded my first repo. The name of the directory is 'template'
> how to open this directory in git?

Git comes as a set of command-line tools.  Those tools which are
supposed to access an existing Git repository (no matter -- if you have
created it yourself or `git clone` did this for you) start with the
current directory, in which they were run, and try to locate a special
directory containing the repository's data (it's named ".git", and is
typically hidden).  If they fail to locate this directory, they go one
step above and look there, if they fail again, they repeat this step
until they hit the root of the file system.  This way, the tools make
it possible to run them in any subdirectory of the project maintained
in Git.

So... Open a command-line prompt, change current directory to the
directory resulting from running `git clone` you did and run

  git status

there.  If it prints out a summary message about your repo, all is well.

Well, OK.  Please take no offence, but I must say your question give
away your near-zero knowledge of Git, and hence whatever I wrote above
might make almost no sense to you.  If yes, please please please start
with a book on Git [1].

On the other hand, if you're familiar with Git, just the wording of the
question did not make me get it, and you really meant some GUI app to
work with a Git repo, then there are plenty of them -- just google.
For Windows, I'd recommend "Git Extensions" [2].  But I should warn you
that while working with Git is not hard, the concepts it's based on are
rather complex for uninitiated, so if you hope a GUI app will make
working with Git a walk in the park, I assure you it won't -- sooner or
later you will be bitten by lacking basic knowledge.  So, again, please
start with a book.

1. http://git-scm.com/documentation/
2. https://code.google.com/p/gitextensions/

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