Rainer M Krug <r.m.k...@gmail.com> writes:
> Actually, I would like to exclude all files which have the
> following pattern:
> EnergyBalance.org[SOMETEXT]
> I tried
> EnergyBalance.org[.]
> EnergyBalance.org[*]
> but none worked.

I don't know what notation you're using for the "following pattern".  Be
aware that Git uses "wildcard" notation.  (Maybe it can be configured
for other types of notation.)  If you mean that the "base file name"
(the name within the nearest containing directory) matches the regexp
"EnergyBalance\.org.*", the "wildcard" version is "EnergyBalance.org*".

If you want to exclude such files no matter what directory they are in,
put that line in the .gitignore of the top working directory.  If you
want ot exclude such files in a particular directory, put
"/EnergyBalance.org*" in the .gitignore of the directory.


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