(also posted to git at vger.kernel.org)

I am attempting to clone this repo: https://github.com/jsonn/src/

and have been successful on some lower memory systems, but i'm
interested in continuing to push down the limit.

I am getting more success running clone via https:// than git:// or
ssh (which is confusing to me) and the smallest system that works is a
raspberry pi with 256 RAM + 256 swap.

I seem to run out of memory consistently around 16% into Resolving
deltas phase but I don't notice an RSS jump so that's another
confusing spot.

My config is below and I'd appreciate any more suggestions of getting
that down to working on a 128MB box (or smaller).


I appreciate any suggestions,

p.s. shallow clones work fine on very small systems

        windowMemory = 1m
        packSizeLimit = 1m
        deltaCacheSize = 1m
        deltaCacheLimit = 10
        packSizeLimit = 1m
        threads = 1
        packedGitWindowSize = 1m
        packedGitLimit = 1m
        deltaBaseCacheLimit = 1m
        compression = 0
        loosecompression = 0
        bigFileThreshold = 10m
        sslVerify = false
        unpackLimit = 10

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