A developer made a branch called 2015/January/Feature1234.
It was later decided that coding should be split into subtasks and branches 
like this:


so we did this:

git branch -d 2015/January/Feature1234

git push origin :2015/January/Feature1234

and we created the new branches from DEV.

Now what happened is I couldn't fetch from origin, because of an error 
message: 2015/January/Feature1234/master could not be created. Probably 
because there seemed to be a branch called 2015/January/Feature1234.
So what I did was try deleting the branch called 2015/January/Feature1234 
from origin in Sourcetree. This gave me a "doesn't exist" error message. 
But after that it seems sourcetree realized the branch was deleted and I 
could fetch from origin and everything seemed to be ok.

What happened here? Any easy / proper way to fix this?(expecting a few 
mails from other developers who can't fetch from origin)

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