On Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 8:23:02 PM UTC+1, Artem Kula wrote:
> Hello, I have a few libraries I using in more then one project of 
> Codeigniter. Every project using own git container and own git backup. They 
> are not in branch of one project.

This doesn't make much sense in Git terminology. There are no containers, 
projects or backups in Git speak. And all Git repositories have at least 
one or more branches. I'm not familiar with Codeigniter, so you'll have to 
explain it in more portable terms.

> Sometimes I need to update library and wants this library automaticaly 
> updated on every of my project in git after commiting.
> How can I organise this?

Submodules usually mean that you manually upgrade the submodule in the 
containing Git repository whenever you want to update. To the best of my 
knowledge, you cannot have an automatic update (unless this has since 
become a feature in submodules).

> I has tried with git submodules, but something goes wrong with location of 
> library files and updating on every project, may be it's (submodules) not 
> working properly.

Please post the commands you performed, along with their output, and what 
you expected.

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