I'm looking for someone in sanbernardino county ca to help me figure out who is 
using my email and this site to clone my phone and spy on me I'm not computer 
smart at all and this has been going on for 2 years, phone after phone laptop 
after laptop ,apple and android and 4 home computers I have tones of files and 
I need help to read computer codes  and help me catch this person and I will 
pay whoever can give me answers .I know of email address that have accounts and 
so much data saved and printed the police won't help me and I don't know we're 
else to turn .I found this accout today which this email was made less then 
four days ago with the new phone I just got at same time it has files that 
track and who knows what else .I'm a stay at home mom and I do not make files 
or anything on or about anything these files aren't mine please help anyone 
who's has sometime and wants to earn some cash .I would be so thankful to you 

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