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> Hello Guys,
> I have following questions.
> 1. What are the best strategy for git based deployment and rollback on
> large setup. (around 500 servers).

​Git is not really a deployment tool. It is a Source Control Management
tool. ​

> 2. how to rollback in git. Which are the better way. In git revert it
> reverts to last commit. What if I wanted to revert to for example: last 5
> commits.

​Revert to last commit: git reset --hard HEAD
Revert to back two commits: git reset --hard HEAD~2
Revert back five commits: git reset --hard HEAD~5
Revert to a specific commit: git reset --hard <..commit..> # where
<..commit..> is a large hex number you can get from the git log command.

> 3. what problems I can face while rollback.

​I don't know, personally. Sorry.​

> Please advice me.

​Personally? I would not use git for deployment. I would use some tool
(unknown to me because I don't do this) which is designed for doing
deployment. Which tool you use will likely depend on what OS your servers
are running. But I think this would be off topic for this forum.​

​But, since I'm here anyway, you might find some of these articles

Or just do a search on "git deployment".

He's about as useful as a wax frying pan.

10 to the 12th power microphones = 1 Megaphone

Maranatha! <><
John McKown

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