Thanks for replying.
I know the basic principles of working directory, index, and git repository.

Did you unpack my attached zipfile and tried it it its current state? You 
will notice the following (unless your git behaves different from mine):

*git status* reports "nothing to commit, working directory clean".
So there are no staged files and it sees no difference between the file in 
my working directory and the latest version in the repository. Although 
they ARE different!

*git add dixilink.h*Gives no error message, but does not do anything. It 
does not add the file to the index, because it thinks there are no 
differences. But the working copy IS different!

If you run *gitk* and select Tree view, you will see *different *contents 
than the file in the working dir. If you switch to Patch view, you see 
changes in the last commit which are *not shown in the Tree view.* This is 
So after this git add command there is still nothing to commit, and no 
untracked changes. While my working copy (v3) is different from the two 
stored copies (v1 adn v2), I CANNOT add and commit it to the repository!

On Monday, January 26, 2015 at 5:35:07 PM UTC+1, Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen 
> As far as I can see, you have only committed this file twice. So there is 
> no v3, there is only the uncommitted/unstaged changes in your working 
> directory. gitk displays uncommitted changes with the message "Local 
> uncommitted changes, not checked in to index".
> So there is no v3. You have to commit first. Read through 
> and things 
> should become a bit clearer.

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