On Monday, February 2, 2015 at 6:27:18 PM UTC+1, J66st wrote:
> Did you unpack my attached zipfile and tried it it its current state? You 
> will notice the following (unless your git behaves different from mine):

Yes, I did unpack it.

> *git status* reports "nothing to commit, working directory clean".
> So there are no staged files and it sees no difference between the file in 
> my working directory and the latest version in the repository. Although 
> they ARE different!

That's odd. Here's the output I get:

❯ git st
On branch master
Changes not staged for commit:
  (use "git add <file>..." to update what will be committed)
  (use "git checkout -- <file>..." to discard changes in working directory)

modified:   dixilinkerr.h

no changes added to commit (use "git add" and/or "git commit -a")

It appears the file has dos line-endings, which makes the whole file appear 
changed on my system, but even if I convert to unix line endings, there's 
still an actual diff:

❯ git diff
diff --git a/dixilinkerr.h b/dixilinkerr.h
index daeca6b..59f4c35 100644
--- a/dixilinkerr.h
+++ b/dixilinkerr.h
@@ -2,8 +2,8 @@
 #pragma once
-#define CAT_DIXILINK_ERR 2000
+#define EXCPCAT_DIXILINK 2000
 #ifndef __DixiLinkErr_H_INCLUDED__
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
        #define BASE_DIXILINK_ERR 0
        #ifdef USE_DEFAULT_CAT
-               #define BASE_DIXILINK_ERR CAT_DIXILINK_ERR
@@ -135,4 +135,4 @@ enum EDixiLinkErr
                //!< Marks end of list
\ No newline at end of file

I can try again on Windows tomorrow to see if there's any difference there. 
It would be an entertaining idea that there is something like a 
SHA-collision going on here, but highly unlikely.

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