My web app needs to do following:

   1. Provide a web interface for business analysts to do CRUD operations 
   on business rules.
   2. Each business rule is written in a rules language. It has versions. 
   Multiple persons can do CRUD operations on a rule. So at a very high level 
   this whole app is like code management system but for business analysts.
   3. Hence it will have only the basic version control functionality like 
   versioning, maybe merging, showing conflicts on save, branching, release 
   etc. but not the advanced features like cherry-pick commits, git stash, 
   etc. Also, unlike Git each user is not pulling the code onto their local 
   machine. Everything is done in browser. It's like the markdown based wiki 
   feature of Gitlab/Github.
   4. Can't expect business analysts to learn Git/SVN.
   5. Some other functionality will also be there. Hence can't use hosted 
   Gitlab etc.
   6. Initially expecting very low traffic since limited audience. Hence 
   looking for something that gets us going rather reinventing the wheel.
Question: Can Git/SVN/any other-version-control-api be leveraged for this 
functionality instead of writing our own server side code for doing version 
control etc. ?  

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