Hi all,

Does someone know where the files after a "git rm" go?
Some of my files where deleted by git, of course I have no copy, I tried 
several file recovery utilities, but so far none of them see the deleting 
I am running Windows 7; git 1.9.4; gitextension 2.48.03

Full story:
One week ago I created a new repository from an old CVS server.
I checked it out from scratch (clone it), into CLONE, and copy the .git 
folder into a folder, MyFolder,  containing some changes that were not 
pushed under CVS.
So far everything ran fine, I could pushed the new changes.
However, MyFolder contained also a a folder called Perso with some files I 
did not want to push.
Therefore I added Perso/* into .gitignore. Then the folder Perso 
disappeared as potential commit. So far so good.
Then I don't really remember what I've done, maybe clean some branches? but 
yesterday I remarked that Perso/ was no more on the disk.
Currently there is no stash, no other branches.
I tried a menu (under GitExtensions) "Repository/Git Maintenance/Recover 
lost objects" with option "print out objects that exists but that aren't 
readable from any of the reference nodes"... without success.
I suppose git removed my files when switching the branch? Hence my 
question, is there a change I could get these files back?
I am afraid they are lost... what a silly situation.


Maybe it is close from

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