2015-02-13 10:57 EST, Jeff S <jsc...@gmail.com>:

> ...to anyone interested, we are now trying to get some data to help our
> small team working on a git/GitHub related project. It might seem a bit
> lengthy, but shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes. Was able to get some $
> for potential prizes to randomly selected winners. Thanks all.
> https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NX2GS8S
Hello Jeff,

I would very much like to help, but...
... not only your questions are poorly stated (you wrote "importance" (vs
"satisfaction"), but your questions are about "increasing" or "decreasing"
something (compared to the current state of things I take it?))
.. you also gave no indication of how many there are. The progress bar at
the top going backwards I take as a joke, but it really didn't motivate me
to get to the end.

"Potential prices" isn't much of an incentive either.

Best of luck with your research anyway (whatever the topic might be?), I
hope you got the data you were looking for :)
Rémi Rampin

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