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  Subject: [git-users] Hotfix in a develop/master branch model for old version

  I'm quite new to git. 

  For a project I use git with a dev branch. If it get's stable, it is merged 
to master.

  Now I have to maintain different versions of the software. (for example v1.0 
and v2.0)

  What is the best way to handle a hotfix for the old version v1.0? 

  I know, I can create a hotfix branch. But what to do after that?

  Should I maintain this hotfix branch forever or is it better to merge the 
hotfix somehow into the master branch? 

  Currently I have to integrate a hotfix for v1.0. It's about a feature, which 
was removed in v2.0. So I think it's not a good idea to merge it back to 
master. But is it really a good idea to maintain a long running branch for 
every version?

  For tips, I am grateful.

The classic response is Nvie's branching method 

If "Hotfix" is not a nice word in your local environment, try 
"Maintenance-V1.0", or similar (i.e. a socially acceptable name) as the name 
for the long running branch - you can still use hot-fix for the temporary 
branch that will be merged so the name carries local temporary meaning.


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