On 2015-02-22, at 9:04 PM, Nicolas Dermine <nicolas.derm...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 2:17 AM, Michael <keybou...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> So a quick question: How do I undo/abort a merge?
>> I am learning, and experimenting. I was experimenting with "git merge", 
>> forgot the "--no-commit", and discovered the hard way that aborting the 
>> editor that comes up without saving does NOT abort the merge.
>> And git merge --abort fails, because the merge succeeded.
>> Git Gui has a way to amend the comment of the last merge, but no way to undo 
>> it.
>> I figure this should be simple, but I don't know how.
> One way to do that :
> - look up the hash of the commit you want to go back to, let's say
> it's 'abc1234'
> - run `git reset --hard abc1234`.

Thank you.

Now, how do I get rid of the unwanted merge object?

Here's my reflog:
keybounceMBP:2aec26bc01189ea4b310 michael$ git reset --hard 38c344c
HEAD is now at 38c344c 
keybounceMBP:2aec26bc01189ea4b310 michael$ git reflog 
38c344c HEAD@{0}: reset: moving to 38c344c
f2500db HEAD@{1}: merge refs/remotes/origin/master: Merge made by the 
'recursive' strategy.
21e7868 HEAD@{2}: checkout: moving from limonite-placer to master
480d7c2 HEAD@{3}: checkout: moving from master to limonite-placer
21e7868 HEAD@{4}: checkout: moving from limonite-placer to master
480d7c2 HEAD@{5}: commit: Adjust swamp and river spawns.
e6a4bf5 HEAD@{6}: commit: Should be working children (before testing)
9cb5d06 HEAD@{7}: commit: Syntax errors (I thought I had fixed these before)
b4a020f HEAD@{8}: commit: *** CLOUDS don't work right now!
0123eaf HEAD@{9}: commit: 1. Rename everything, to avoid interfering with 
Geologica, if used.
ab78f7a HEAD@{10}: commit: Rename to match Draco's distribution
fdedd8a HEAD@{11}: commit: First round of tuning placer deposits.
bec1bbb HEAD@{12}: commit: Limonite deposits in wet, or hot biomes, as layers 
of rich dirt.
21e7868 HEAD@{13}: checkout: moving from master to limonite-placer
21e7868 HEAD@{14}: checkout: moving from 
7ed0130d12c4fa3773653b320e2a6e5b0d584702 to master
7ed0130 HEAD@{15}: checkout: moving from master to 7ed0
21e7868 HEAD@{16}: clone: from https://gist.github.com/2aec26bc01189ea4b310.git
keybounceMBP:2aec26bc01189ea4b310 michael$ 

The merge object at f2500db is the problem. That's what I want gone.

This repository started with a clone; bec1bbb HEAD@{12} commits a file (or a 
version of it) that was also entered in directly at github. That's on 
origin/master. Now that (I think) I have a better idea of what's going on, that 
commit on origin/master should reflect the 'limonite-placer' branch. (the file 
is an early version of that file, somewhere around the first two commits on the 
limonite-placer branch, and is most definitely out of place on master).

I don't know how to see the history that happened before that clone; there were 
several updates on github before that.

>> How do I say "save all changes in my working directory to a temporary 
>> branch"? "git stash", I discovered, does NOT -- at least, not without some 
>> additional options and I'm not sure what those should be.
> One way to do that :
> ```
> git checkout -b my_temporary_branch
> git add .
> git commit -m "temporary commit"
> git checkout -
> ```

Ahh! "git add ."

That makes "stash" work. Thank you.

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