I am developing a web application and I am using GitHub to store my source 
code. I set up a repository and have a MASTER branch.

I am fairly new to using Git and wanted to use this as a learning process.

Because I am using this as a learning process for using Git, I have some 

I got my MASTER branch to a point where it was stable and now I want to 
start doing some serious development. I had an up to date copy of MASTER on 
my machine. I used bash and issued this command to create a DEV branch:

git checkout -b dev origin/master

Now when I do:

git branch -a

I see this list:


I have also pushed this "dev" branch. However, on GitHub it only shows one 

How can I get the other branch to be on GitHub so that I can grab it from 
another machine when required?

Can someone explain to me how to accomplish this so that I am able to have 
a branch for dev?



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