AJ Manoulian <alexmanoulia...@gmail.com> writes:
> I have a project in xcode and I did a time machine backup of everything 
> before I did a clean install of the new OS. I had some changes in my 
> project that I hadn't committed to git. When I brought all my files back on 
> to the computer, all those changes seemed to be lost. When I open up the 
> project file it is the version from when I performed my last commit. Has 
> this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know where to look for the most 
> current file? I'm pretty new to git and xcode, so sorry if I'm leaving 
> anything out. 

I don't know how XCODE works, but if your changes were saved in files in
some way, and if you really did back up everything with Time Machine
after putting the changes in files, a complete file restore should
restore those changes.

One possibility that would have the symptoms you see is that if the
changes were stored in files, but the "project file" had somehow not
recorded the changes and the corresponding files they are in.  And that
could happen if you hadn't gotten XCODE to write to disk everything that
it knew.  Usually you can make that happen in IDEs by shutting them

So you could be in the situation where the changes are somewhere on
disk, but the project file doesn't know about them, and so XCODE won't
show them to you.

In any case, look at the directory that Time Machine shows you of that
last backup.  The odds are good that your changed file are there


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