I am using MySQL on my local Windows laptop to compile data and produce 
reports for my enterprise related to PIV issuance. I have a folder named 
sqlScripts where I keep all of the script files. I am using Git and 
SourceTree to manage versioning of these scripts, but I am apparently not 
doing it quite right. I set up this sqlScript folder as as a local Git 
repository, and am making commits on a regular basis. The script files each 
perform a specific task, such as importing data sets 


and producing detailed reports:


The challenge that I have is that although all of these scripts loosely 
relate to the PIV project, but pretty much stand on their own for each 
function. I would like to be able to use tags to monitor version numbers 
for each of the scripts ( 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, and so on). In order to do 
this, do I need to create a separate repository for each script? If so, 
that would seem to be a lot of extra work. 

Can anyone suggest a workflow that will help me to monitor and track 
version numbers for each script separately?

I have posted this same question on 

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