On Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 9:11:45 PM UTC+1, Stephen Morton wrote:
> I'm experiencing very slow git pushes. On the order of 1 minute to push a 
> trivial one-line change. When I set GIT_TRACE=1, I see that it seems to be 
> taking a lot of time in the pack-objects phase. 
> Others are not seeing this with the same repo, but I'm the only one 
> working in a VM.
> ...
> Any ideas?
Could have something to do with the filesystem. Is your Git repository 
located in a folder shared from the host system, using some kind of virtual 
fs? This could be a performance bottleneck:


If you can't figure out the filesystem type, please paste us the output of 
`pwd` while the repo is current directory, along with the output of `mount`.

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