I have been following this tutorial on how to use Git with Media Temple on 
my Mac: http://kb.mediatemple.net/questions/1594/Using+Git

I've managed to do all the steps but it doesn't seem to work or maybe I'm 
just confused about things.

So I have git repository set up at http://git.driz.co.uk/example.git and 
then on my Mac as per the tutorial I have the following two folders:


My first question is, I'm not sure why I need BOTH these folders! One 
points to the example.git on the server and one points to the other. But 
I'm confused as to what I'm supposed to be doing with each... In any case 
the example.git is the one that gets cloned up the server via scp but its 
the first example that contains the working files and commits to the 
server, so I'm confused what the point of the second one is and why that 
one gets copied up and not the first one.

The second question is, where exactly are these files on the server? Does 
Git compress them or something? I was expecting to see committed files up 
on the server when I push them. Should I be? When I do a commit and push it 
says it's doing something with the files....

Finally after trying to do a clone of the server repos I get a warning that 
the repos is empty! So this is why I believe it's not working.

Can anyone help me get my head around this?

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