On Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at 1:44:09 AM UTC+1, William Lasiewicz wrote:
> 3 questions.  Thanks in advance for reading this and to whoever answers my 
> 3 questions.
> I am the release manager and we have perforce but we inherited a GIT 
> repository.
> So far about 20 developers access this which is done through creating a 
> ssh key and then adding that key on the machine where we have git.
> Everyone logs in through the same user "git".  Everything is at Git\home, 
> which contains about 25 .git directories.
> Telling who checked in files is on the honor system.
> As far as I can tell,  setting up a git user is done by adding a user to 
> the machine.
> Is this really how this is done for this?
> The first thing I want to do is give everyone their own user name so code 
> access could be restricted to the areas that are needed.  Is this something 
> not done in GIT?
I think you're better off looking at Git as a protocol or format, rather 
than a hosting tool. There are many hosting tools that support, or are 
built around Git, someone already mentioned Gitolite to you in another 
thread, but there are also more "enterprisey" solutions like GitLab, GitHub 
Enterprise, Atlassian Stash and so on, if you want to pay for more features 
and support.

> So far I can't come up with a reason why you would use this instead of a 
> real tool,  but we don't have perforce licenses to add for all these people 
> and the bosses want me to look in to taking our perforce which has 
> substantial automation in builds and deploys and converting it to this tool 
> which looks to be as sophisticated as the old file based stuff that was 
> used 15 years ago.
> What could be benefited from using this?

If you're asking about the benefits of Git, well, it depends on what you 
need from your SCM. Git's main strengths are performance (for small/medium 
sized repositories at least), it is distributed, it's very adaptable and 
versatile (can fit all kinds of branching strategies and release 
processes), and it has a huge user-base in the programming industry, being 
undoubtably the most used VCS in open source.

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