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  We ran out of perforce licenses and some developers set up GIT.  We now have 
GIT and Perforce.
  We are considering moving to GIT.

  Here is what I have seen,  but perhaps I am doing something wrong.  

  1.  Set up a new repository.
  2.  Add a bunch of files.
  3.  Commit,  push.
  4.  Delete your local files.

  Your code is now gone.  All the push commit did is update a text file on the 

  Is this tool that horrible,  or did I do something wrong?

The tool uses a different mindset, so there will be misunderstandings and 
'gotchas' while you get you head around where the benefits are.

Obviously, you deleted your files, so they are 'gone' in that steps 2 & 3 
sneaked off with copies, compressed them up and hid them in both your local 
repo (the commit step), and in the remote repo (the push step). However they 
are still there ready for recovery. The repos are (typically) in the  hidden 
.git directory.

Have a read of the git-scm on-line book (http://git-scm.com/book/en/v2) as one 
on many about Git. 

You can still checkout your branch / commit, or reset to your commit.

I find the 'gitk' repository viewer helpful, and the 'git gui' to assist in 
viewing the current repo status (especially if you like graphic gui's)


You should be able to checkout the last commit

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