Hi peeps. I've used Git for tracking local changes to one project folder, 
and now I'm learning how to create something more of a development workflow 
for a web site. 
I'm a little bit confused about why my cloned repo is missing the branches 
I thought I updated it with.

1) On my remote host I started with a bare repo and a WordPress install in 
a sibling directory.
2) I initialized the WP install and pushed it to the repo. 
3) Then I cloned this as the Test site.
  => Thus giving me 
  - three directories `site.git`, `live.site`, `test.site`
  - Both Test and Live are on their own revision histories (they've not yet 
merged. That's next)
  - Test has branches (master, test*) and Live has branches (master, 

4) Next I pushed to origin (site.git) to make sure I have the latest and 
greatest of both Live and Test:
  `test$ git push -u origin test`
  `live$ git push -u orign live`

5) I updated the server info
  $git update-server-info

6) Cloned from remote to local
  $ git clone http://mysite.com/dir/to/site.git
  => Viola! Now I have site/ 

I'm expecting to get a Repo with both Test, Live branches. 
But I'm only getting one branch (master) and it's the live branch.

What did I do wrong in this setup?

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